Top 10 Best Gym Bags Buying Guide 2015

Getting serious about becoming fit and healthy implies going to the gym and that requires a bit of gear. It all starts with a gym bag that should be big enough and can handle a reasonable amount of weight. Also the material from which it is made of could be important for some buyers but regardless gym bags should be able to serve the functionality they were built for. With no further ado here are the top 10 best gym bags in 2015 reviews.

10. Ensign Peak Everyday Duffel Bag

 Ensign Peak Everyday Duffel Bag

The Duffel Bag from Ensign Peak is an affordable model that offers basic functionality. It features a main large zipped compartment, an adjustable strap and a rather large interior space to carry gym gear. It also comes with two side bottle holders and a pocket that can hold small objects such as a smartphone or wallet.

9. Blank Duffle Bag

Blank Duffle Bag

The Blank Duffle Bag is a simple yet convenient gym bag. It is not as big as some might like which makes it excellent when not a lot of gear needs to be carried. In terms of build quality it is made of polyester and heavy vinyl. The model can serve as both a gym bag or a travel bag as it has a sturdy construction and plenty of storage space.

8. Runetz – Extra Large Chevron TEAL Blue Gym Bag

Runetz - Extra Large Chevron TEAL Blue Gym Bag

Gym bags do not have to be just black and dull. The Runetz is a great looking product that can serve as an excellent gym bag. It has multiple side pockets and a large zipper for the central compartment. The handles have a padded strap that makes it much more comfortable to wear over the shoulder.

7. Travel Cheer Gym Duffel Bag 21

Travel Cheer Gym Duffel Bag 21

The Travel Cheer gym bag is one of those products that you either love or hate. It has a really interesting design with a colorful pattern. The model comes in various combination of colors of patters which means there is something for everyone. It is made of polycarbonate and offers a lot of interior space. The handle is padded in order to make it easy to carry around.

6. Diadora Team Bag

Diadora Team Bag

Diadora is a rather well-known brand that offers a wide selection of sports equipment. Their gym bag is one of their best selling products mostly due to its price and the interior space it offers. It has a simple design and a full nylon build. The shoulder strap comes with padding to make it easier to carry even when it carries a lot of weight.

5. Everest Gym Bag

Everest Gym Bag

The Everest gym bag focuses a lot on convenience and functionality. The model is made of polyester and it is quite light. Looking at the design the model comes with multiple pockets on the side and a water bottle holder. It also comes with a larger side pocket that was designed to hold shoes. In terms of interior space it is quite decent and more than enough to carry the equipment of one person.

4. Northstar 1050 HD

Northstar 1050 HD

Northstar offers the 1050 HD gym bag for a relatively low price. It is made of nylon and has a waterproof build. Unlike other models it does not have side pockets which can be more of an inconvenience for some but the model was just built to be simple and easy to use and carry.

3. Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag

Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag

Nike probably has the largest selection of sports products. The Brasilia 6 Duffel is an extremely sturdy and well-built bag. It offers just enough space for one person to carry all the equipment he needs for a gym session. It has two side pockets and a large central compartment. The model comes with a shoulder strap and two handles to make it more convenient to carry.

2. adidas Team Speed Small Duffel

adidas Team Speed Small Duffel

The ones looking for more compact bags the adidas Team Speed bag could be a valid pick. It has a pleasant visual design and a convenient placement of side pockets. The handles as well as the shoulder strap come with padding. The model also comes in multiple colors to choose from.

1. Under Armour UA Undeniable Storm MD Duffle

Under Armour UA Undeniable Storm MD Duffle

The Under Armor UA is an excellent gym bag. It has a waterproof design and a pleasant visual aspect. It is made of polyester and has several conveniently placed pockets. The mode has an expandable for laundry shoes and comes with padding on the handle and shoulder strap.

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